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About US Brandco advertising company was established with the aim of helping industries in brand and advertising management in 2009. With the passage of time and recruiting efficient staff, this group could pave the progress route and today it’s one of the most powerful companies in advertising industry. Creative and expert staffs of Brandco have helped many companies and institutions in introducing their brands and achieved many successes in the advertising industry.
Services Brand and advertising management
Providing Aadvertisement ideas
Trends of Digital Marketing
Media Programming
Market research
Graphic Designing (e.g. Logo designing, imaging, official set, packaging and …)
Printing Services
Website design and implementation
Industrial and advertising photography
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Brand and advertising management

Brand and advertising management is a young and new discipline. According to Amercian Marketing Association (AMA), Brand is a name, expression, sign, symbol or combination of these that is used to differentiate a special product from that of the rivals. In other words, a trademark identifies the seller, producer or service provider. The above definition is enough to signify the importance of brand. Trademark is a commitment of seller or service provider to provide a bunch of features, advantages and services for the customers. Brand needs a kind of maintainance. Until a product or service does not have a special feature, we cannot call it a brand or maintain it. Brands are the properties of institutes and companies and they increase their sales and engender an increase in the assets of the company.


Brand and advertising management

Branding is a verb which makes the emotional feeling between the product or service and the customers possible. Brand management is a collection of beliefs, connections and aims that companies use them to create value for their customers. Brand management is the driving force of the companies. Fixing the value of a brand in comparison to other rivals is choosing the community of purpose and special customers, logical pricing, precise connection with partners and all the policies that are used to support brand needs special knowledge.




Graphic Designing

Brandco’s graphic design division delivers compelling and inspired print materials to promote your communication efforts. We’ve applied our decades of experience to establish a small, efficient and effective agency that provides high-caliber graphic design at competitive prices. Our attention to detail and focus on customized design supports your goals in growing your business.
Some of Abilities of Brandco1s graphic devision :
- Design and definition of corporate visual identity ( Branding Guide line )
- Logo and Logotype or Monogram Design
- Design catalogs, brochures, folders and posters
- corporate identity design (letterhead, envelopes, business cards and . . . )
- Packaging design
- Design billboards
- Graphic design web pages
- ayout and form of journals and periodicals


Logo Design

Logo is a graphical design or an image that can create a relationship between customer’s mind, type of products and the brand. A suitable image and symbol can contain thousands of words. Type of symbol or its appearance and logo can have a tremendous effect on connecting customers with product or services. Customers are usually devided in two groups. The first group delineates typical customers. But the second group are people who have a lot of loyalty to your brand and logo. This group want to have brand and logo as a part of their life. You can always see a trace of brand in their life. These type of people use brands on the walls of their room or on their clothes and you can always encounter the brand or logo in some way.

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Today, images have surrounded human being’s lives and play an essential role in their social activities. As speech and writing are communicative elements of human beings, Images have also unique features that without any time and space constraits play an essential roles in human communications. Illustrators pay too much attention to delicate points of their life. An illustrator increases people’s awareness of the outside world. An illustrator who has creative ideas can transfer his inner messages to his surrounding. By studying the life and culture of society in terms of clothing, complexion, customs, regulations and … , an illustrator gets information about the surrounding and uses these features in visualizations.


Advertising consultant


Advertisement Ideas

Development and power of your brand in future and, your goal are the scariest things for your competitors. An advertising campaign requires a creative and innovative scenario and ideas to have the desired effect. Our creative team and their great ideas, will help you achieve your goals. We can not read your mind, but we have the ability to understand what you and your customers want. Your request will be processed at the creativity room and based on the goals, we will show you the path. This creative idea will be delivered to our graphic team. Graphic team will write the needed names, logos and texts and the graphic team will provide the best schemes for managing the brand. Brand manager will use the schemes of the future to create the best strategy for you and your customers. Idea team of Brandco will do these tasks better you imagine.


Marketing and branding strategies

The importance of strategic thinking is clear for all leaders who want to take control over their future and of their brands. Strategy is the pathway to objectives that are determined based on the perspective. In a way that all the attempts of the organization are determined based on that. Brando advertising agency claims to have the best methodology for branding. From the time you start with us, you will be on the prosepering future. All the chances and opportunities are completed in order to provide a future which is higher than what you imagined. Branding and marketing strategies team tries to create awareness of what is to be done and the leaders are the persons who are able to engender changes in all the stages of company. Based on these methodology, the future of brand is created and after doing the needed research, the strategies and objectives of the company will be aligned with the strengths and weaknesses.



Marketing and branding strategies

The next stage is determining the group and providing marketing strategies in 4 branches of product, pricing, distribution and communication based on the collected data. Then the organizational identity of brand is created and based on the planning of IMC campaign, a plan is provided for people.

Media Planning

Most of the money that the owners of the goods or service in an advertising campaign expenditures (investments) are in the media buy. The importance of strategy and media planning more. This service provides a specialized form of the following two: 1.Development of media strategy
2.Media planning
Media analysis and identification of performance, monitoring media impact and the effectiveness of each medium, as well as setting up reports with media functionality, brand, one side of the media is important.


Market Research

Market research unit for customer knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior to a variety of field research and the study of market action. Read more what to say, the cost of sending a message is reduced. It is committed to research, collect information and transparency of the market.


Strategic advertisement

If the roots of the problem or the issue of an enterprise, determine the causes and forms of disorder in the system, just in terms of pricing or distribution or poor quality and substandard commodities, promotional activities will not only solves problems, but also increase costs and all the problems will be lost. But if the deficiencies and problems involved in the situation, rooted in quality and and quantity of promotional activities and information and public relations, the advertising planning can solve the problems.


Providing web-based solutions according to your needs

Today, activity in virtual world does not only include having a website. Business in virtual world has immensely improved and reduced the distance between managers and consumers. This made managers aware of the consumers preferences in order to harmonize the old and new products of the company. Web pages, web-based softwares in smartphones, social networks and … have increased the demands of the society and aligning with these demands is one of the main disciplines of the business.

Driving sales and brand promotion

Advertising is the most enjoyable part is when you send advertising messages your audience's eyes and perhaps that is why this method is the most effective method is to enter the heart of the consumer product or service you look through the eyes. In a statement, BTL or driving sales and brand promotion, tool manufacturers and service providers to the product or products to be introduced to customers face to face.


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