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Billboard is a kind of media for propagating information to other people. According to the definitions provided by dictionaries, billboard is a slate that is attached on the wall and its function is to provide information and create awareness. In late 19th century and early 20th century, the social and cultural demands engenderd the birth of billboards. Thus we can say that billboards are created in order to serve the needs of society in terms of transferring information within the community.

Billboards are doomed to destruction but some of them in spite of destruction, remain in people’s memories.

In designing a billboard, we should pay attention to its application.

Most of the communication in today’s world is related to advertisement and the only media that can be effective in conveying information about goods and services which can promote or prohibit people are billboards. Billboards are successful elements in advertisement, since they can contain a lot of information.

The location of the billboard, its material, the process of printing a billboard, and tools for setting up a billboard are the elements we are going to discuss in this part.

Widespread nature of billboard is not necessarily related to its artistic features. Thus in most of today’s billboards, you cannot find a lot of artisitic elements. Designer of these billboards have used artistic and technical experiences of past years to create what we see today. The features of a suitable billboard are as follows:

Due to the fast pace of communication in countries and for the reason of syncing information, we should pay attention to 3 graphical features in designing and creating a billboard:

  • Speed of tranfering the message
  • Quality of transferring the message
  • Containing culture, national and human identity.

In fact, we can say that billboards, posters or plaques are conceptual pictures. Today, billboards are designed by letters, painting and imaging and they contain lots of graphical nuances. We can also note that designing and creating a billboard is one of the branches of graphical arts but it has a close connection with other visual arts, too. These billboards can solve personal problems and can save a lot of time from consumption.

There should be a corresopondence between visibility and billboard’s angle so that people can see them easily on their way and there are some issues that if not heeded in locating the billboard, there might not be seen by people:

  • Are texts and images semi-directional with the sharp angles?
  • Are texts and imags outside the normal view?
  • Is the distance between people and billboards suitable?

Is the billboard seen by someone who is in a vehicle or who is in the sidewalk, The most important issue in designing a billboard is that a person should grasp the notion in one look. For example if the billboard is about a book fair, the person should understand it at the moment.

Another issue is that we should select the color for text and images in way that they are related to subject of the billboard.

For designing a billboard, the designer should know what the topic is and then he should put his ideas on paper. Idea, even if very simple, can guide the designer. The topic should be studied carefully. For example, the designer should pay attention to fonts, texts and … in designing a sample billboard for the book fair.

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