Brandco advertising company was established with the aim of helping industries in brand and advertising management in 2009. With the passage of time and recruiting efficient staff, this group could pave the progress route and today it’s one of the most powerful companies in advertising industry. Creative and expert staffs of Brandco have helped many companies and institutions in introducing their brands and achieved many successes in the advertising industry.

{ Look at the future with us}

  • We suggest you to evaluate the abilities and experiences of us and contact us if you find our ideas and experiences useful.

  • Take this assessment seriously and be sure that as you pay more attention to choosing your advertising company, you will be able to confide in him in the future. If you are in need of more information about initial assessment, contact us to provide you with them. We do our best to convey our abilities to you. In order to be a confident and powerful advisor, we need you to be aware of our abilities. Thus, we will not spare any effort in this regard.

  • We deeply want to present your project and bring you peace of mind and confidence. Your satisfaction is much valuable than our business and financial interests. We prefer to sit beside you in business instead of in front of you.

  • We will use our best potentials in doing our projects and we will avoid increasing the costs of your company and organization. We have a strategical proposal for your customers that in case of its approval, we will execute it.


design Billboards


website design project


Graphic Design Project and printing


Brand Management project

{Stages of a project in Brandco }

  • Stage #1: Analysis

    First, the possibility of projects and your needs and clients’ needs are analyzed and identified. Then the data is analyzed and the basic needs and timing of the project is determined.
  • Stage #2: Strategy design

    In this stage, according to the obtained data, we try to identify the design for the strategy and we deal with the project.
  • Stage #3: Design and Development

    In this stage, according to defined strategy, project design is started. Customers’ comments play the essential role in this stage.
  • Stage #4: Testing and Delivery

    The final project is tested and applied. Project testing aims to overcome potential problems.

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