Brand and advertising management

Brand and advertising management is a young and new discipline. According to Amercian Marketing Association (AMA), Brand is a name, expression, sign, symbol or combination of these that is used to differentiate a special product from that of the rivals.

In other words, a trademark identifies the seller, producer or service provider.

The above definition is enough to signify the importance of brand. Trademark is a commitment of seller or service provider to provide a bunch of features, advantages and services for the customers.

Brand needs a kind of maintainance. Until a product or service does not have a special feature, we cannot call it a brand or maintain it.

Brands are the properties of institutes and companies and they increase their sales and engender an increase in the assets of the company.

Branding is a verb which makes the emotional feeling between the product or service and the customers possible. Brand management is a collection of beliefs, connections and aims that companies use them to create value for their customers. Brand management is the driving force of the companies.

Fixing the value of a brand in comparison to other rivals is choosing the community of purpose and special customers, logical pricing, precise connection with partners and all the policies that are used to support brand needs special knowledge.

Accompany us in branding, advertisement and safe business.

Brandco Company with its expert personnel and using experienced staff is proud to help you in these fields and pave the way for your success.

Why Brandco?

Brandco was initially established for providing services to industries and businessmen of our beloved countru, Iran. With expert and experienced staff, Brandco was successful to provide inoculate services for its customers.

In Brandco we believe that a successful business needs  flawless service providing to customers, hence our experts will accompany you from the onset to the end of business and branding.

Our steps in managing your brand

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