Multimedia products are divided into three main parts:

Designing Multimedia learning :  In this type of multimedia, all the capabilities are used to create a tutorial software. In an attractive and diverse situation with interactive capabilities. In these typers of softwares, materials are though in an interactive environment.

Designing advertisement multimedia : first pay attention to conveying your voice to customers. In some instances you can use audiovisual aspects like animations, sounds, pictures and … to get the desired objective.

Designing practical multimedia: multimedia softwares like audio and video players have standard definitions. And you can use these texts to create a diverse, creative, practical and optimized environment for the provided capabilities.

Why do we suggest using multimedia designing?

  • No restrictions on the space requirements for the documentations
  • Significant reductions in costs
  • Reducing the physical volume of products
  • Combining different media (video, film, audio and text)
  • Ability to develop and modify products in the shortest time possible
  • The presentation focused on content and documents or any other data in structured formats to audience
  • Providing an attractive environment according to needs of viewers and users
  • The ability to create links between different communications media such as websites and output from other softwares
  • Reduce advertising costs with greater efficiency than traditional media due to much lower limits on the amount of informed data.
  • The ability to copy and print presentations tailored to users’ needs
  • The ability to publish multimedia products throughout the world using the Internet with low cost and without any limitation is number of users.
  • Three-dimensional simulation of needed elements
  • Smoother content transmission and more understandable multimedia products.

Multimedia technology is one of the newest technologies in providing advertisement in computers. Due to the use of multiple audiovisual media, Multimedia designing can easily connect with users and can create an interactive environment to convey better.

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