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There is no need to wait for the holidays to send gifts. There are groups of people who deserve getting gifts. But if you don’t know when and to whom should you send gifts, a contemplation makes clear that those people deserve gifts who are important for your company. This includes your customers, clerks and service providers. Following are some advices regarding when and whom should you send gifts.

You should at least send a gift once in a year. John Hall, writer of Forbes journal, believes that gifts can keep you in customers’ mind during the year. Commercial journal of Sacramento reports that, since some companies have fired some of their staff due to economic depression, some others still continue to send gifts for their customers in order to maintain their relationship.

If your company has few customers or it has few special customers, you should be aware that you should customize their gifts. Pay attention to their interests or ask the vendors who are close contact with them.

But if your company has lots of customers and buying gifts in person is difficult for you, you can choose small and general gifts. But avoid cheap gifts like note books or pens. A hand-written card can influence the person more than these promotional offers.

You should also consider a special time for giving the gifts. For example, some customers may not celeberate Christmas. You can ask about these things before deciding about the time. But try to choose you gifts and time for distributing them based on your customers’ preferences.

You can send gifts in other times of the year. Or you can send them after you have finished a big project or started a new product.

But be sure not to send gifts in inappropriate time. For example, if you are on the process of creating a partnership with another company, sending gifts can convey a wrong message.

It’s advisable to send gifts for people who has shared your successes and helped you in achieving them. Selecting gifts for clerks, service providers, clients and customers can increase your grandiosity.

 But don’t forget one fact. The biggest question is that: how much should you spend for commercial gifts? This is related to following issues: how much is your budget for promotional offers? How many persons are there in your list to receive promotional offers?

Who are in your list and how is your relationship with them? There are other considerations in terms of New Year. For example, does the receiver celebrate New Year? Depending on the sensitivity of New Year’s gift, it can be an effective tool. In order to get more information, refer to the ways of giving promotional offers. Some companies have special politics in offering gifts and offering gifts other than the mentioned politics should be avoided. Let’s divide the question of how much we pay for gifts into several subcategories.

First stage is considering the budget that should be spent on the promotional offers.

How much can you afford to pay for holiday gifts? You might be a rich businessman but you should be careful in spending in order to handle your business. The key to good business depends on assigning budget. Examples of budgets for gifts can be as follows:

  • 2 million tomans for customers and clients
  • 1 million tomans for service and product providers
  • 500 thousand tomans for clients

The figures mentioned above are just examples. We do not advise you to use these figures unless you are the owner of a small business. But it’s advisable to start with your own ability to afford. Your budget is your framework for preparing the list of people whom are receiving gifts. By assigning the budget earlier, you can save a lot of money. Decide how much money you can afford for the promotional offers. You can also adjust the budget. You should start with a group of people and determine your budget for each group.


Stage #2: Creating a list of receivers of gifts

Then you should consider how many customers, clerks and service provider you have. And this might be related to your business. For example, in a small business with a lot of customers, you cannot give gifts for all the customers. There might be hundred or thousands of customers. In this case, you should look for new methods. You can start with creating a list of customers who should receive gifts. Note down all the names. This step is very important. Why? There are two reasons for that. First, the chances that we forget someone is reduced. Memory is sometimes untrustable. Even forgetting one employee can have negative effects on his emotions. Or you might suddenly remember that you have forgotten your best customer and this can have depressive effects on you.

The second issue is that you will be more specific. For example, if the customer has another business, you might be in contact with several people. You might want to give gifts for all persons who are just your customers. Note down all their names and it can help you to dedicate the budget easily.


Stage #3: choose the budget according to each receiver

It’s time to determine the money each person is going to receive as gift and you should start fielding ideas and should write everything again. In the list of recievers write the amount of money each person is going to receive in front of their names. Write down the ideas of special gifts. Writing can simplify the matters and it can ensure your justice. What is justice? Well, in this stage you have to make difficult decisions. Do you want to spend the same money on all people? Do you want to buy one gift for all members of the list or you prefer different gifts? There aren’t any strict rules. But there are important issues that you should pay attention to them.

Customers: if you dedicate 2 million tomans for the gifts and you have 15 customers, you have 130 thousand tomans. On the other hand, some business owners pay more money for their special customers. Is a customer who has net profit of 300 thousands toman for you equall to that of 12 million tomans of net profit? You should value the second customer more than the first one.

Service Providers: you might probably value those persons who have brought more services to your business. And the amount of money for special industries or providers can be your help.


Employees: if you are to give gifts for you clerks, you shouldn’t differentiate them since it can be counted as an artful deed. Most of the employers who offer gifts, prefer to offer standard gifs (foods or gift cards). That is due to the easy nature of providing everybody with 100 thousand toman cards than providing one of them with 300. Employees check each others gifts. This will hit some of them hard since they are not aware of how you have evaluated them. On the other hand, paying money is another issue. Employers usually pay different gifts to their employees. That is because gifts are compensatory tools and should be kept secret.

Everybody wants to know the average range of prices for promotional offers or gifts. No one wants to give a gift which looks cheap. There is no usual or normal range.  There are food gifts (e.g. coffee maker or chocolate container) or a plant (Orchids). You should avoid spending more than 100 thousand tomans on gifts. This might upset the receiver. There are other reasons to avoid giving expensive gifts. Receiver might be limitations for accepting the price. Since some companies limit the gifts to 100 thousand tomans, paying that much will do. This is the reason that most of the companies pay 100 thousand tomans and the employees value this money a lot.

Replacing advertising gifts with commercial gifts

If you are managing a business with a lot of customers, giving gifts to everyone might be impossible. Or the economy might create a condition that you should offer something other than the gift. For example, suppose you are managing a grocery store. You have hundreds to thousands of customers each year and you might even not know them. Providing all the customers with a gift is almost unrealistic. The only alternative can be a ticket. Some of the alternatives are as follows:

If you are managing a small business, you can turn it to a marketing event. You can simply put it in your schedule a few weeks before. Send an invitation to all the clients in your list via email. Or if you can, publish an ad in your local newspaper or send invitation via post. The needed budget for 50 persons is about 100 thousands toman.

Special discount coupons: This is a good choice for e-commerce business. As a way of conveying gratitude, you can give a discount coupon for your old customers. Discount coupon should be for purchases of more than 1.5 million tomans.


Greeting Cards: You can simply send greeting cards instead of gifts. Even here, there are many choices. Before the 15th of Esfand you can send New Year or new season cards. The other alternatives are calendars and greeting cards that can be of use during the year. Calendar greeting cards are usually cheaper than a calendar and are better than postal cards. The budget for printing 1000 pieces of cards is less tha 700 thousand tomans.

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