Strategic advertisement

If the roots of the problem or the issue of an enterprise, determine the causes and forms of disorder in the system, just in terms of pricing or distribution or poor quality and substandard commodities, promotional activities will not only solves problems, but also increase costs and all the problems will be lost. But if the deficiencies and problems involved in the situation, rooted in quality and and quantity of promotional activities and information and public relations, the advertising planning can solve the problems.

Hence we should separate the strategies, aims and programs in to two class of marketing and advertising.

In order to clarify the issue, we refer to some of the marketing goals, marketing strategies, advertising aims, advertising strategies and advertising programs.

1. Marketing aims

  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in profits
  • Entering foreign markets
  • Increasing market share in domestic markets
  • Increasing market share in foreign markets
  • Omitting weak rivals in the market
  • Reducing average costs
  • Increasing social welfare
  • Increase the level of consumption

2. Marketing Strategies

  • Diversity of Products
  • Increasing quality
  • Wide distribution
  • Low prices
  • Propaganda campaign through the mass media
  • Face to face meetings with consumers

3. Goals of Advertising

  • Increase the degree of customer identification
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Create desire for brand
  • Changing trademark to BRAND
  • Decrease in inventories

4. Administrative programs in advertisement

  • Introducing the benefits of product to the consumer
  • Introduce and emphasize products’ economic efficiency
  • Informing price list
  • Lengthening Warranty
  • Prizes and drawing
  • Attracting dissatisfied customers of the past
  • Visiting customers
  • Developing advertisement objectives

By considering the statements above, we can analyze all advertisement application plans:

a) If the objective of advertisement is fast increase in sales, plans can be as follows:

  1. Completing sales stage (i.e. introducing product, creating initial awareness, creating motivation, create preference, motivate to buy and buying)
  2. Finalizing sales (filling contracts) with the targeted customers who have completed a part of the stages. (convincing advertisement)
  3. Announcing certain reasons and motivating the customer to buy (like: discounts, prize and etc.)
  4. Reminding people to buy again
  5. Cooperating or joining a certain event. (participating in season fairs, visits, buy from sales and participation in auctions)
  6. Motivating customers to buy promotional offers

B) if the objective of advertisement is selling in the period between, plans should be as follows:

  1. Creating awareness
  2. Creating positive attitude towards the BRAND
  3. Developing customers’ information
  4. Fighting or resisting the rivals’ claims
  5. Correcting the wrong information of customers about the product
  6. Introducing the product and creating fame for the product

C) If the objective of advertisement is long term sales. Plans can be as follows:

  1. Creating confidence for the company and the BRAND
  2. Forming the customers’ demands
  3. Choosing the agents and distributors
  4. Ensuring global distribution of the product
  5. The establishment of the areas of reliability and reputation for new product introductions or family of products
  6. Create consumer acceptance and admission to the BRAND

D) If the objective of the products is helping to achieve sales goals, the plans can be as follows:

  1. Customer retention
  2. Attract customers of the competitors to our own goods
  3. Create reasons for people to distinguish advertised goods from other products, and know their special characteristics.
  4. Creating new customers and change their consumption patterns.
  5. Distinguishing between regular and loyal customers
  6. Advertise and inform about the features of the new advertised product
  7. Stimulate buyers to purchase in larger quantities
  8. Remind old customers
  9. Encouraging buyers to buy more frequently and in high quantities

E) If the objective of the advertisement is the tasks which engender sales, plans can be as follows:

  1. Stimulate buyer to compete with others
  2. Stimulation of the buyer to contact the company to get discount coupons
  3. Stimulate buyers demand to visit the exhibitions and the workings of the device display
  4. Stimulate buyer to test drive the product

F) If the objective of advertisement is, Consumer satisfaction, plans can be as follows:

  1. Introducing the best places to buy
  2. Introducing the best way to use or consumption
  3. The introduction of new models, ratings and consumer interests
  4. Introducing new products
  5. Introducing new conditions for buying
  6. New policies on guarantees, etc.

G) If the aim of advertisement is creating confidence and monopoly for BRAND, taget groups will be as follows:

  1. All actual and potential customers
  2. Traders (distributors, wholesalers, retailers)
  3. Current employees and prospective employees.
  4. All offices and financial organizations
  5. All people of the society


H)Mentality that must be made by the firm, can any of the following:

  1. Product quality
  2. Reliability
  3. Enough services
  4. The similarity in features, advantages and benefits of the product on all items and products of a firm (BRAND)
  5. Technical leadership in the market
  6. Leading in sales
  7. Continuous growth

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