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Today, activity in virtual world does not only include having a website. Business in virtual world has immensely improved and reduced the distance between managers and consumers. This made managers aware of the consumers preferences in order to harmonize the old and new products of the company. Web pages, web-based softwares in smartphones, social networks and … have increased the demands of the society and aligning with these demands is one of the main disciplines of the business.

In Brandco’s experts’ view, designing a web page is not only creating pages composed pictures or texts, but also in order to create a successful web page there exist a lot of parameters. The first step in designing a web page is determining the objective and viewers of the site. After determining the viewers, we should design the graphics of the website and user interface. Webpage designers work in order to design and implement database and website content.

In addition to having enough knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing web pages, experts at Brandco try to use their passion to create the best design in respect to desires of customers.

Brandco’s web and Internet services

Host and Domain services

Providing services in host and domain with high rate of quality and reliability.

Designing Internet Portals

Providing different services like free Emails, forums, discussion groups, news and …

Designing online shops

online shops with great features and simplepurchase and payment management system with Shetab cards

Designing Personal websites

designing beautiful websites with personal performance for artists, social people, doctors, engineers, professors and academic elite and ...

Designing mobile apps

Design and implementation of software for mobile phones and smart devices such as tablets, etc. according to your needs

SEO(Search Engin Optimization)

optimizing website core, user interface and increase site rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing and...

Designing online forums

Implementation of internet forums to insert questions and answers, discussion and bring up comments about a subject

Designing commercial websites

Designing commercial websites for service providers, enterprises and manufacturing factories, industrial complexes, etc. in accordance with their needs and usages

Brandco is a different experience in providing web-based services and strategies

We use the latest designing techniques to create the best for you

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